Do JuiceBoxes Fill Kits or other products contain Nicotine or Cannabis Products?

No. JuiceBoxes is a vape components and packaging company that licenses our patented vape cartridge fill kits on our website and in bulk to resellers and distributors nationwide. We also sell empty cartridges and filling tools & accessories. JuiceBoxes does offer VG/PG liquidizing agents in DIY Fill Kits. However, JuiceBoxes does not sell or produce nicotine, cannabis, or any other vaping concentrates.

JuiceBoxes products are optimized for use with essential oils and herbal extracts in states where the sale and consumption of such oils and extracts are legal. Use our reseller/partner finder to find a business that offers JuiceBoxes products near you.

Does JuiceBoxes sell Fill Kits or Cartridges with ready-made oil or pre-filled e-liquid/oil?

No. JuiceBoxes does not sell any controlled substances, thus we do not sell or ship our JuiceBoxes or cartridges with ready-to-vape Juice (e-liquid). To get a JuiceBox with ready-to-vape Juice (FIY kit), it must be purchased through a JuiceBoxes Partner. Use our partner finder to find a store that offers FIY JuiceBoxes near you.

What is Juice (as referred to in your JuiceBox instructions)?

Juice is finished e-liquid you can create using our DIY Fill Kit or our concentrate liquidizer (mixing extract) products. The mixing extract turns concentrates and oils into less viscous, more vapable liquid. Most JuiceBoxes contain PEG (polyethylene glycol) that has been approved by the FDA and is commonly used in many medical applications like infant inhalers and promoting the acceptance of transplanted organs in the body.

For more info on making Juice with a JuiceBox, check out our separate ‘Juice Making’ FAQ below.

What exactly is PG/VG or PEG?

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) is a liquid that we provide in our DIY Fill Kits that is used to make essential oils less viscous, allowing them to vaporize more readily.  It is FDA approved and used in many pharmaceutical applications, including infant inhalers and common over the counter medications.

Do you provide any non-PG/VG liquidizers in your Fill Kits?

Currently, we do not, but we plan to partner with a range of companies to offer their non-PG/VG liquidizing agents in our Fill Kits and on our website.

Does the mixing extract found in JuiceBoxes taste like anything?

We currently offer a flavorless liquidizer that is designed to not overpower the taste of the concentrate being converted into Juice, while maintaining a discreet smelling cloud when vaping.

Do you offer flavored JuiceBoxes/Mixing Extract?

At this time, no. But we plan to offer flavored boxes and include strain-specific terpenes in different boxes in the near future.

What is the Mix Ratio for Concentrate to Mixing Extract?

1 gram concentrate to 1 milliliters of Mixing Extract is what we typically recommend. However, everyone has different tastes and preferences. We recommend using our JB Strength Table to identify the right mixing ratio for you.

If I make my mix to strong can I add more Wax Liquidizer to thin it?

Yes, but you will need to warm the juice up prior to mixing.

What are some of the concentrates that JuiceBoxes works best with?

Our current boxes are optimized for creating juice with wax and herbal and non-solvent concentrates. For example: shatter, crumble, butter, rosin and live resin.

Can I mix my Wax Liquidizer juice with my other e-juice?

This is not recommended.

What are some issues I might run into making cartridges and what are the solutions?

Harsh taste: If you are getting a harsh taste or burning sensation adjust the battery level to a lower setting to smooth out the vape.

Juice is turning dark brown in the cartridge: Usually the oil is turning darker when the atomizer that you are using isn’t compatible with your battery. Also try turning the battery level down as it may be running too hot. Also, don’t expose final mix to extended periods of heat and or direct sunlight – this may cause your vape juice to darken in color.

How does the cost of making cartridges with a DIY Fill Kit compare with purchasing  pre-filled cartridges?

The cost of cartridges is generally greatly cheaper using a JB DIY Fill Kit than purchasing pre-filled cartridges. The price of pre-filled cartridges varies from market-to-market. Ultimately your cartridge cost using JB will depend on the price of the concentrate and the strength of your cartridges. Use the cost table below to see what your costs are:

Can I use my JuiceBox cartridges with any battery?

While batteries vary widely, you should be able to use your JB cartridges with any 510 thread battery, assuming it’s properly charged and functional. If it doesn’t work (and works with other, non-JB cartridges), let us know at support@juice-boxes.com. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue, including sending you a complimentary JB battery if necessary.

If you purchased a JuiceBox from a local retailer, you can visit the store for troubelshooting.

Can I use non-JB cartridges with the Fill Kit?

Yes, you can fill other cartridges using your JB Fill Kit. We recommend our cartridges as they have gone through stringent testing to screen out carts that leak. Our carts are also cretified refillable, so we highly recommend using our carts. You can purchase packs of empty carts on our website.

Can I refill my JB cartridges?

Yes. The cartridges in our boxes can be filled at least twice (so at least one refill). Use the cleaning solution/wipe provided to clean your carts during filling and refilling.

How should I store my JB cartridges once they are filled?

Once your cartridges are filled and capped, we recommend putting them in the plastic tubes provided with your kit/carts. You should never expose your cartridges to extreme temperatures, as it could fundamentally alter the state of your e-liquid and cause your cartridge to leak or stop working. High altitudes can affect cart performance as well. If your carts come with a rubber cap for the mouthpiece, we recommend leaving it on while not using to prevent pressure-related issues.

Where can I buy a JuiceBox Fill Kit or other related products?

You can purchase DIY Fill Kits and all the associated components on our website and at select local retailers across the United States. You can purchase FIY Fill Kits from select Extract Partner stores. You can find all of the partners/retailers selling JuiceBox products with our reseller locator.

If you operate a vape shop, dispensary or other store and would like to offer our products, visit our wholesale page. If you create vapable extracts, visit our partner page to feature your oil/e-liquid in our patented Fill Kits.

How long does a JB vape cartridge last?

Depending on the size of the cartridge, how big a puff you take, and how often you use it - anywhere from 100  to 200 puffs per fill. Meaning each cartridge (assuming one refill) enables at least 200-400 puffs. We offer .5 and 1 gram cartridges.

Are you a local company?

JuiceBoxes is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, and is proud to be a locally owned business. We currently have distributors in the following states:

Shipping / Locations

On average USA orders take 3 to 5=7  business days. We ship with USPS, UPS, and DHL. A tracking code is generated and emailed to you when the postage and label are created for your package.

How much is shipping?

USA orders generally incur a flat $4.99 shipping charge. USA Wholesale orders are a Flat $15.00. International orders are shipped on a weight and location scale.We do not do Overnight Shipping.Orders Placed after 12:00 PM MST will ship out the next day.

How long does International shipping take?

Using DHL, international deliveries generally take between 7–21 days to arrive, although neither JuiceBoxes or DHL guarantee delivery dates or times. Mail may travel to its destination by ground, air or a combination of both.

Where do you ship your products to?

We ship to USA and Canada. You can find a list of our international sellers on the Reseller/Partner finder.

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