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What we do:

JuiceBoxes crates and markets premium vaporizer products - particularly filling/refilling products and accessories for the vaping of essentail oils. JuiceBoxes can also be used to  vape herbal extracts in states where the sale and consumption of such oils and extracts are legal.

We believe consumers should have access to more cost effective, eco-friendly, and flexible options when it comes to concentrate vaping. In general, the single paradigm of only being able to buy pre-filled cartridges can be improved for consumers. We constantly hear people talking about a lack of solutions for cost effective/refillable vape cartridge solutions.

We’ve set out to solve that problem with our patented flagship product - the Cartridge Fill Kit Our Fill Kits eliminates the cost of having someone else fill and package your cartridge. Your cost/cartridge drops, you gain the ability to customize your juice, and reuse/refill your cartridges via our custom DIY and FIY fill kits.

DIY kits enable you to make your own e-liquid and fill your own cartridges. Customize your cart type, e-liquid strength/flavor profile, and refill your carts. FIY kits are for businesses that make e-liquid or vaping concentrates and would like to offer their consumers a more cost-effective, refillable option. JuiceBoxes does not produce or sell any vaping concentrates.


Why we do it:

JB’s mission is simple: bring value, quality and innovation to the quickly growing vape market. Aside from our fill kits,we also offer (empty) premium refillable cartridges and other premium filling accessories (link). Our Products are designed in the US and produced and sourced throughout the world. We source the highest quality vaping cartridges and accessories that have been tested over years of product sampling.


Our Company Structure:

  • R&D Department
  • Production department
  • Operation department
  • Sales department
  • Customer service department

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